When Namibia was a City... / Als Namibia eine Stadt war...
Ilker Çatak, Johannes Duncker, Germany, 2010.
Directed by: Ilker Çatak, Johannes Duncker
Script: Ilker Çatak
Producer: Ilker Çatak, Johannes Duncker
Production company: 24LiesPerSecond
Cinematography: Johannes Duncker
Editing: Ilker Çatak, Johannes Duncker
Cast: Yusuf Çatak, Tamer Kazar, Ayda M. Arbatli, Ceyda Çatak
Format: video
Running time: 24'

Yusuf's everyday life is dominated by routine. He has made himself comfortable in his life between television and computer and is happy that way. But the people around him try to get him out of his beloved routine. His working wive and his buddy Tamer make him go on a fishing trip on the frozen lake. He relcutantly agrees to go, but once there, he gets a chance to restore his image as the provider and head of family.

Awards and Festivals
European Short Film Festival Cologne Unlimited 2010 - 2nd Jury Prize
Akbank Art Shortfilm Festival 2011 – Special Mention
German film board 2011 - Seal of approval - highly recommended

Directors Biography
Ilker Çatak was born 1984 in Berlin, Germany. He moved to Istanbul, Turkey. But came back when he was 18 to work in film industry. His first short film 'Eskimo Frog' (together with Johannes Duncker) won the Golden Alex Award.

Johannes Duncker was born 1983 in a small village in Germany as a son of a priest. His family moved to Istanbul, where he grew up and finished high school. He then moved to Cologne and started directing short films together with his long-time friend Ilker Çatak. Johannes has just finished his studies in Theatre, Film and Television at the University of Cologne and has written his master's thesis on the aesthetics of digital film.

Location and screening schedule:
TUÅ KANAC CINEMA, Tuesday, October 18th at 10.30
EUROPA CINEMA, Tuesday, October 18th at 19.30
EUROPA CINEMA, Sunday, October 23rd at 15.00
Slika 1 Slika 2