Educational films of the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health: 'Ika's Destiny', 'Endemic Syphilis' / Edukativni filmovi Škole narodnog zdravlja 'Andrija Štampar': ' Ikina sudbina', 'Endemièni sifilis'
Kamilo Brössler, Yugoslavia, 1933.
Directed by: Kamilo Brössler
Production company: Škola narodnog zdravlja 'Andrija Štampar'
Cinematography: Anatolij Bazarov, Aleksandar Gerasimov
Format: 35 mm
Running time: 45'

'Ika's Destiny' and 'Endemic Syphilis' are educational films made by the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health in Zagreb in 1933. They were shot in Široki Brijeg, Posušje and Mostar. Interestingly, 'Ika's Destiny' is not only educational, it is also about peasants from undeveloped regions emigrating abroad to find jobs. There, in foreign countries, they would sometimes catch endemic syphilis and bring it back home, thus infecting their families. The film talks about a love story between an infected young man and a girl.
'Endemic Syphilis' is an educational film about spreading of endemic syphilis, its treatment and containment and field work of a medical team. It was made in a form of a conversation of journalists and professors. A physician is talking about prevalence of syphilis, focuses of infection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ways of infection and treatment methods. The arguments are illustrated with charts and diagrams of the prevalence of the disease, comparing pre-1911 status reports with those of the 1927-1932 period. In the end, a journalist joins the team and they leave for a village in Herzegovina where help is provided for the locals.

Directors Biography
Kamilo Brössler is a pioneer and leading figure of out travel films. His medium-length film 'Plitvice and Velebit' and short sound film 'Plitvice Lakes' (1932) have not been preserved (or only partly). He also directed ‘Carst and Water’, ‘Croatian Coast’, ‘Islands of Krk, Pag and Rab’, ‘Banja Luka – Jajce’ and ‘Šeher Sarajevo’... Brössler also made slightly documentary feature films, usually educational, about health-related issues.

Location and screening schedule: ZAGREB DANCE CENTER, Friday, October 21st at 23.00