Stories About Growing Up in Europe The Thread Running Through Today's ZFF Programme

Friday, just like every other previous day at the Europa, will start full-on at 12:30 pm when young visitors start visiting it for its Bib for Kids program. They will be greeted by Norwegian 'The Liverpool Goalie', a comedy by Arild Andresen about growing up and learning the hardest lesson for a schoolkid: taking risks.


Dutch- Belgian film 'Lena' by Christophe van Rompaey will be screened at 7:30 pm and it will introduce us to the world battered by love-related worries of an insecure 17-year-old. A different kind of worries will be troubling 20-year-olds in the Slovenian film 'A Trip' by debut director Nejc Gazvoda shown at 10 pm. In this credible, simple, yet memorable film they will discover, besides love, what friendship and the transition from adolescence to adulthood really means.


Films from the short film competition programme will be screened today too. Before 'Lena', you san see the award-winning 'Pentecost' by Peter McDonald about the troubles of a young altar server and Liverpool fan. The 15-minute film which reveals the secret on how to become a Cannes winner by wondering whether it is more important to live or observe life, 'Cross' by Ukrainian director Maryna Vroda, will be screened before 'A Trip'.


This Friday the Tu┼íkanac Cinema will be marked with good documentaries.From 4:30 pm the visitors will have a chance to see the film by Ayla Gottschlich, 'Candidates', which tells the story about the elementary school reality of young Yannik, who is using the principles of democracy to improve his own status within the classroom. The praised and award-winning story about the director Piotr Stasik's growing up in Poland and the rough conditions in contemporary Russia, 'The Last Day of Summer', will be screened straight after 'Candidates'. After the film screening, a Q&A session with Gaby Babi├Ž, director of the goEast Festival from Wiesbaden, and the director Stasik will take place.


At 9 pm at the Tuškanac you will have a chance to see a very interesting film about the political conditions in Ghana by Jarreth J. Merz called 'An African Election'. In these pre-eletion times every kind of political thought is necessary, which is why, after 'An African Election' from 11 pm a special screening of Croatian pre-election clips from 1990 to 2011 will be shown.


The screening of two educational films of the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health, screened at the Zagreb Dance Centre from 11 pm, will be an interesting choice today.The films 'Ika's Destiny' and 'Endemic Syphillis' were directed by Kamilo Brossler in 1933 and the shooting took place in Široki Brijeg, Posušje and Mostar.


Those of you who missed out on the chance to see 'Cloud' by Miroslav Sikavica, will get another chance to not only see this documentary about the tragic death of Luka Ritz but also to talk to the director after the Docucinema screening at 9 pm.


Today the night owls will have many options, the most varied ones since the beginning of the festival. DJ Mario Kova├Ę will be playing music at the Europa Cinema, whereas Danny Bwoy will be doing the same in Marachino. In Jabuka the Lunapark programme will be taking place - music will be played by DJ Dabi and his colleague Franciska.