Be Educated About Sex Political Campaigns Along With Live Music And Moderators

Friday is another day at the ZFF which you can spend watching good films. Besides that, we have organised two screenings which guarantee good fun beyond the screen.


The screenings of two educational films of the Andrija ҆tampar School of Public Health at the Zagreb Dance Centre at 11 pm will be extremely interesting. The films 'Ika's Destiny' and 'Endemic Syphilis' were directed by Kamilo Brössler in 1933, and the shoting took place in ҆iroki Brijeg, PosuŇ°je and Mostar. The films will be presented by artistic advisors Antonio Nui√¶ and Ante Magzan and, since these are silent films, the music will be ensured by accordion teacher Anamarija Nerad.


The films are a part of the programme selected by film critic Daniel Rafaeliæ, who will present the films made during the 20th century in various kinds of social environment whose goal is sexual education. This programme is a slightly nostalgic recalling of the former society in which, according to Rafaeliæ, it is easier to see a female chest in the street than in an American film.


At the same time, only at the TuŇ°kanac Cinema, another programme chosen by Rafaeli√¶ will be taking place. In this pre-election time we have decided to remember what the Croatian campaign clips from 1990 to 2011 used to look like. One might find it interesting to see former political protagonists who are today imprisoned protagonists, mayors who are no longer doing the job, MPs who would have died for one party and today belong to its antipode...


The screening will be accompanied by a music programme, and influenced by the New York stand-up acts, everything will be moderated live and the best campaign clip will be chosen by the end of the night.