Crew of Slovenian Film Running for Golden Pram on Trip to Zagreb

Živa, Andrej and Gregor have been the best friends ever since high school. Gregor is a soldier and is about to be sent on a mission to Afghanistan and Živa is going to study abroad. Their gay friend Andrej hates everybody, including himself. The three of them decide to take a road trip to the coast, like they used to do in high school. During the trip they are destructive and contradictory, but nice and caring to each others.


This is an abstract of 'A Trip', one of the best Slovenian films in the past years. It is a simple but memorable road movie. It is also the first film of Nejc Gazvoda, one of the most productive Slovenian writers (two short story collections and three novels so far). Gazvoda directed, wrote and edited this debut of his.


Together with actors Nina Rakovec, Luka Cimpriè and Jure Henigman and producers Aleš Pavlin and Andrej Štritof, he will join us in Zagreb as a festival guest from Friday to Sunday.


Although shot with a digital still camera, this low-budget film received great reviews at Sarajevo Film Festival (where it premiered), Hamburg Film Festival and Warsaw Film Festival. At the 9th Zagreb Film Festival, 'A Trip' is competing for Golden Pram Award for Best Feature-length Film.


If you want to see what does a true friendship and transition from adolescence into the world of grownups look like, come see the film tonight at 10pm and tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm in Europa Cinema.