Only Two More Days To See Good Films Left

Although only a few hours remain until we find out which films are chosen as the best ones of this edition, you can still enjoy the company of good films for two full days. A real film delicacy is left for the end. The new film by the renowned director David Cronenberg 'A Dangerous Method' will be screened on Saturday, after the closing award ceremony of the festival at 8 pm as well as on Sunday at 5 pm at the Europa Cinema.


At 11 am at the Europa Cinema the Bib for Kids programme will bring you Norwegian 'The Liverpool Goalie' by Arlid Andresen, a fun story about an ordinary boy who has not been pampered by life until the arrival of a new pupil to his school. Christophe van Rompaey's 'Lena', a story about a teenager in search of love and her own identity, will be shown from 3 pm while at 5 pm 'A Trip' by Nejc Gazvoda is scheduled. A three friends' joint summer vacation shown in this very successful Slovenian film poses many questions and raises many doubts whereas its end is completely unpredictable.


Saturday at the Tu┼íkanac will be opened at 5 pm by Oskar Santos's film 'For The Good of Others', a drama with a science fiction reversal about a doctor whose life changes overnight. The Great 5 programme at the Tu┼íkanac Cinema will also be represented by this year's winner for the best film debut at the Berlinale, 'Fatherless' by Maria Kreutzer. Saturday night at the Tu┼íkanac will be brought to its end at 9 pm by Pjer ┼Żalica's 'Orchestra', a film about the most famous orchestra from Bosnia and Herzegovina - Plavi orkestar.


A documentary is scheduled today at 6:30 pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The film by Tim Pritchard called 'Street Kids United' is set in the year 2010, at the time when South Africa was getting ready for the World Football Championship. Far from the media and the attention of businessmen, another football tournament was taking place. In the South African city of Durban the Homeless Children's World Championship was being played.


The Museum of Contemporary Art will host the young acclaimed Bosnian artist ┼áejla Krameri├Ž's retrospective. Within the retrospective of her work, her last film '1395 Days Without Red' about the siege of Sarajevo will be screened.


The Docucinema will also be working full-on. From 7 pm 'An African Election' by Jarreth J. Merz will be screened, and at 9 pm you will have a chance to see 'Candidates' by Ayla Gottschlich. In the pre-election period it is quite useful to expand our knowledge of democratic principles and the ways in which they are bypassed.


Two parties are prepared for the end of the day and the closure of the festival. At the Europa Cinema DJ Frajman will be playing music whereas at the club Jabuka, besides the standard programme Night of Faith & Devotion, DJ Fuki will be preforming.